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Commander David Fernandez (goggles) | Seal Frog Man

Commander David Fernandez (goggles) | Seal Frog Man
Commander David Fernandez (goggles) | Seal Frog Man
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Commander Fernandez possesses a magical mammalian diving reflex that can reduce heart rate to undetectable levels and sneak through darkness, ice, or deep-sea defenses. She is good at using her aquatic abilities and has excellent shooting skills and soldier literacy. Once, a bullet pierced the "goggles" in her left eye, or if it weren't for the last reminder by "wet socks" to get her full gear, her left eye might not have been hit, earning her nickname. Despite occasional forgetfulness, she and one of her companions were awarded the Navy Cross for several successful underwater covert operations. My heart is eternal.
"Operation Rapids" agent

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